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The Dragonskolan Technology Center is intended to ensure the region's labor needs. Courses are provided in state-of-the-art facilities and in close collaboration with local industry.

The area of the school building itself amounts to more than 40 000 m2, of which the Technology center occupies approximately 3600 m2. Out of almost 2000 students enrolled at Dragonskolan, 350 study at the Technology center.

This unique investment in technology education at the Dragonskolan is made possible with support from Komatsu Forest.

In addition to upper-secondary education, the Technology Center also offers professional training and vocational college studies.


The Technology Program, is a college and university preparatory program

  • Design and Product Development, is for students interested in delving into technical design and who like the arts. Typical courses are, CAD, Design, Art & Design, and Construction.
  • Information and Media Technology, is for students who are interested in information, communications and media technologies. Typical courses are programming, networking, graphic design, webdesign, and computer technology.
  • Community Building and Eniviroment, is for students who are interested in architecture, sustainable society and community building. Typical courses are architecture, energy and environment, engineering, and CAD.
  • Production Technology, is for students who are interested in projects with a focus on the industrial technology field and wants to learn how to get people and machines to work well together.  Typical courses are production, mechatronics and production knowledge.
  • TE4 High School Engineer.The fourth year alternates between theory and practical application. A third of the studies occur out in the workplace. This is a major step into the workplace. Typical courses are Programmable Controllers, Production, CAD and Construction.

The Industrial Technology Program, is a vocational education, but students can also take courses to qualify for university studies.

  • Product and mechanical engineering
  • Welding Technology

They learn everything they need to work with operational reliability and maintenance engineering, product and mechanical engineering or welding technology.

Electricity and Energy Program (Automation), is a vocational education, but students can also take courses to qualify for university studies.

With the Electricity and Energy Program, students learn about the divisions between electronics, computer technology and operational and maintenance engineering.

Here students develop their ability to plan, install and get automated production systems up and running. They learn about maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial facilities.

Anna Hohner

head master

090-16 25 60


Thorbjörn Sandkvist

project leader

090-16 24 56


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