Sfi - Swedish for immigrants

Sfi - Swedish For Immigrants (svenska för invandrare in Swedish) is an education for adult immigrants who wish to acquire basic skills in the Swedish language and about Swedish everyday-, society- and worklife.

The goal of the SFI-education, from the student's point of view, is to communicate spoken and written knowledge in Swedish that provides a solid foundation for work or further studies.

Thus, the Sfi-education is flexible. It consists of three different levels, adapted to meet the needs of students with different prerequisites, educational backgrounds, needs and study objectives.

We believe that comfort is the key to successful studies - learning should be fun - we enjoy our time together in the learning process!

An important aspect for us is that the student must feel safe at the Sfi-school. All forms of demeaning treatment or discrimination is powerfully opposed. A democratic philosophy and respect for the equality of everybody is the basis that permeates our educational programme.

You must be registered with Umeå Municipality (Umeå kommun) to qualify for studies at the Sfi-school. A residence permit is also required. The studies are conducted during day time, five days a week. Sfi-education is free of charge. It does not qualify a student grant (CSN).

Application, registration and information are handled by our office. Welcome with your application!

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