Linblomman School

Linblomman is a school with about 170 pupils in ages 6-12 years. The school, pre-schoolclass and after school recreation are integrated and divided into three differnet departments: Sörgården (The Southyard), Mellangården (the middleyard) and Norrgården (The Northyard).

It's important for us to create a climate which together with different kinds of knowledge will give the children a sense of trust towards their fellow students, regardless of age. It is also important to be preparet to meed changes and new conditions.

We emphasize working with pupil democracy and the childres influence in the work we perform actively. Wurking with social skills is an important part in everthing we do. A work procedure where the pupils play an active role is characteristic of our way of working. Our organization consists of work groups and joint effort between different groups.

Reflection and following-up our work are important parts of our activities for us to be able to constantly learn to take care of our knowledge.

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Sidan granskad av Erik Bergwall

2012-12-27 10.19

Umeås kommunala skolor har behöriga lärare, specialpedagoger, skolsköterskor, kuratorer, skolläkare, studievägledare, IT-tekniker, idrottshallar, skolbibliotek — och allt annat som behövs för att ditt barn ska få chansen att utvecklas efter sina förutsättningar.